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One Eye Browser Spy Camera

2.98 usd

★ The paid version of One Eye Browser Beta.★ A browser and camera at the same time!★ A low-profile spy camera app built for Samsung Galaxy S3!★ It is probably the best, low-profile, spy cam app for Android!★ Snap pics while you browse! Unnoticeably!☆ Similar to: Spy Phone, Mobile Hidden Camera, DeSpy Camera, Super Spy Camera, Spy Camera, Callcam, SpyCam, SilentSnap Camera, SilentCam, SilentCamera NINJA
———————————————————Device Compatibility WARNING———————————————————This app has been built by using a Samsung Galaxy S 3 for testing. It may not work correctly for other devices. So think twice before you commit to buying this app.
Buy this app only if:1. Youve tried One Eye Beta (free),2. You like it!3. You experience *no problems* with it! And...4. You accept that the Beta version may get new features first.
———————————————————Features———————————————————★ Supports: images, video, and audio!★ Browser with bookmarks support (i.e. browse news, email, facebook while capturing)★ Blackout Mode: pitch black screen, stays awake, touch to start/stop.★ Camera Preview mode★ Front camera support★ Continuous shooting★ No shutter sounds ("Shutter Sound Workaround" for devices that do)★ Hi-res pics★ Video recording up to 1080p at 30 fps (incl. Samsung devices)★ Vibration/silent notifications★ Show/hide media in Gallery★ Customizable hot keys★ Localizations for France, China (中国), Hong Kong (香港), Taiwan (台灣)
———————————————————Paid Version Additional Features———————————————————☆ No ads☆ Unlimited video recording length☆ Auto-split video files (by time duration or file size)☆ Shake Detection (reduce the number of blurred pics)☆ Full list of browser bookmarks☆ Shortcuts: create shortcuts to One Eye using predefined or customizable preferences.☆ Extended set of preference parameters
———————————————————To Do List———————————————————★ Video capture without sound workaround★ Localization for other languages (e.g. German, Japanese, Korea, Italian)
———————————————————Troubleshooting———————————————————Send me email with the following info to get prompt response to a problem:1. Problem description (what did you try to do?)2. Debug log (Enable Debug Mode and reproduce the problem)
———————————————————Known Limitations———————————————————⇒ Capturing stops when app becomes background.⇒ LED lights may remain on for several seconds when entering Blackout mode. For Samsung devices, turn lights off: Settings > Display > Touch key light duration⇒ Blurry pics? Try increasing Continuous Blink Delay. Enable Shake Detection feature.⇒ Shutter sounds? Some regional devices deliberately wont allow shutting off the shutter sound via the System volume, so it is a limitation of your device, not this app. Shutter Sound Workaround 1 and 2 allow you to workaround this problem. See the apps Help for details.
———————————————————Tips & Tricks———————————————————⇒ Increase Continuous Blink Delay to help produce better quality images by allowing more time for focus and exposure between captures.⇒ Keep your hands steady and enable Shake Detection to reduce blurred output!⇒ Create a shortcut on your desktop to launch One Eye in different profiles.⇒ Change app launch icon by using a shortcut creator app, or launcher such as Go Launcher or Nova Launcher.⇒ Motorola Razr, remember to disable "pocket detect" otherwise video recording stops when that kicks in.⇒ Gallery is slow. Use faster image viewers: e.g. QuickPic, Scalado Album
———————————————————Permission Requirements———————————————————⇒ INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: required for browser⇒ READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS: required for listing bookmarks in browser⇒ The rest should be obvious.